Joanna Bonder "Rope"


This project is a modification of Alfred Hitchcock's first color movie from 1948, which applies to the unity of time, setting and plot. The director achieved this effect by resigning from "cut" shots, at that time a required technique of intervals in film stock hiding, gives us a piece of art which treats studio as a theaterbs scene.

In the original piece "the rope" appears as an object - murder weapon, however here it is reveal in visual layer. Owing to the smooth camera's direction, masking cuts and length of the movie - it became a sequence, whose form refers to "the rope", owing to this within just 50 second I achieve abstract and condensed movie of preposterous dimensions (single frame for print is 13 centimeters to 40 meters)

Files' format depends on videobs resolution and its length. The parameters have been swapped - time to width, width to time, it's all possible only in the digital world. It is also possible to swap height to time and time to height. Due to this, time of work is exactly the same as the time of the original piece, furthermore each pixel appears on the screen only once. This practice as of mathematical approach, in theory, does not change much of the picture, as we do not lose any fragment.

Achieving this effect was possible by designing an algorithm which later was automated by computer. Having treated this form in the same way we receive the source material. First part is based vertical line algorithm, second part of the project bRopeb is based on a horizontal line.

Joanna Bonder